​​A. L. Kucherenko

​​Writer of Historical Fiction and Other Works

I always "wrote" in my mind. As a child, I made up plays for my sisters, using our dog and cats as characters, our rugs as tanks or airplanes or islands. Our brooms and mops became our swords; the highest branch of my favorite elm, the top of a full-rigged sailing ship.

Years later, when I had a secretarial job, I found to my dismay that my employer’s dry dictations were interspersed with short sentences: description of a mustache, the smell of a cave, a monkey speaking to a priest! I decided that this was not insanity, just my inner life wanting out; so, I went to work early, gave myself ten minutes to let her speak. What joy! Over time, I continued to write fiction whenever I could escape to my private world.

When my children began their adult lives, I returned to writing more frequently, and soon found that a day without writing was a day that left me feeling unsettled. 

Retirement gave me a treasured gift: time to write. I am currently editing the third book in a series of novels I call TURNABOUT. The series spans from 1066-1070, a cataclysmic time during which my characters participate in the struggle for the English throne.  

My interest in the Middle Ages began with a personal challenge to learn about something I disliked. After several years of research and travel along Roman roads and waterways now nearly extinct, I developed a profound respect for the resilient people who came before our time and a desire to share their stories.

My readers are intellectually curious about historical times and also read works by Sigrid Undset, Dorothy Dunnett, Cecelia Holland, Bernard Cornwell, Paul Kingsnorth and Hillary Mantel.

​​I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.