Men and Horses Crossing the Narrow Sea

By Anon. (Bayeux Tapestry) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


ALARIC D’ÉVREUX and GENEVIEVE ELYSIA (ELISE) DE FONTENAY are unknowingly entwined in an international plot to remove William the Conqueror from the English throne. Forced into marriage, the couple separates immediately after the wedding. Each participates in, and confronts, the brutal occupation, treason, and unrelenting rebellion.

Three years later Alaric does not know that the mysterious woman who enchants him. Genevieve, now using the name Elise, recognizes her husband, the notorious Black Wolf. Despite her fascination, she keeps her identity secret, while accepting his help to escape from England. Tangled in love, passion, betrayal and hostility, they join together to defeat the forces coalescing to destroy them, while they become increasingly subject to the whims of their kings—pawns to be used in a game having an end they cannot foresee.

​​A. L. Kucherenko

​​Writer of Historical Fiction and Other Works

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