​​A. L. Kucherenko

​​Writer of Historical Fiction and Other Works

REBECCA D'HARLINGUE mentioned me and my books in her interview with DK Marley! 


Over time, I will publish observations, stories, or excerpts from other works in progress. For now, I've recounted a few research adventures and included two short stories.  

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Turnabout Series

I am currently editing the fourth book in a series of novels I call TURNABOUT. The series spans from 1066 to 1070, a time of great turmoil during which my characters participate in the struggle for the English throne. 


CUIDONO PRESS will publish the first book of my series in 2022. 

A. L. Kucherenko

I write fiction, commentaries, and short stories, exploring the insignificant moments between the big events of our lives: a social slight, the stubbed toe, or a casual glance. These incidents, often fraught with emotional volatility, can trigger decisions that change lives, lead to war, great love, or sacrifice.